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Say goodbye to the stresses of traditional primary school swimming. Swim:ED offers a safe, secure, high-quality solution delivered right on your school playground. Our innovative pop-up pool solution eliminates your worries about lost learning time, staffing headaches, and meeting national curriculum requirements.

Swim:ED is an innovative swimming programme transforming how primary schools approach swimming and water safety education.

Our turnkey swimming solution eliminates the need for off-site travel and enhances learning time. It’s not just about convenience. The Swim:ED team creates a safe, inclusive, and enriching environment where every child can learn essential swimming and water safety skills.

Discover the Swim:ED difference today where every pupil is confident, competent and safe in the water.


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The essential life skill for every child

Swimming and water safety education is non-negotiable as part of the national curriculum. Yet, according to Sport England, a staggering 1 in 4 children in England leaves primary school unable to swim 25 metres or execute essential self-rescue. Without intervention, this could escalate to 1 in 3 children by 2025 — a scenario we cannot afford.

Swimming is the only lesson in school that can save a life and every child should be given the opportunity to learn how to swim. Swim:ED is here to bridge this gap, transforming swimming education in primary schools.


Transforming your school’s swimming education

Choosing Swim:ED for your primary school swimming provision brings numerous benefits, all designed to empower your school and create an impactful swimming programme.

Enhanced learning time

Bringing the swimming pool to your school maximises your children’s learning time.

Reduced logistical hassles

Say farewell to the headaches of organising and managing off-site swimming provision and transport.

Data-driven insights

Understand each child's swimming progress and achievement with comprehensive assessments aligned to national curriculum expectations.

Safety first

Our Pool Safety Operating Procedures ensure a safe and secure swimming environment, instilling confidence in schools.

Quality and inclusive education

Every child can learn this vital life skill, regardless of background or financial circumstances.


A complete solution that frequently offers better value than traditional off-site swimming lessons.


The future of primary school swimming

Swim:ED brings a fresh, innovative approach to primary school swimming. Here’s what sets us apart:

Turnkey Solution

A complete swimming solution on your school playground. From a heated pop-up to qualified swimming instructors and a tailored swim curriculum.

Health & Safety

Stringent protocols and supervision by our trained team ensure a safe and secure swimming environment for your children.

Secure set-up

On-site swimming lessons are delivered in a pop-up pool housed in a lockable, high-quality modular structure fixed securely to your playground.

Comprehensive Data

Our unique platform tracks pupil progress and creates reports based on outcomes and improvements in swimming abilities and water safety.

Championing Inclusivity

Swimming should be a right, not a privilege. We strive to eliminate barriers with a high-quality swimming education programme accessible to every child.

Quality Instruction

Swim:ED team members are fully qualified and deliver a tailored curriculum that meets national curriculum expectations for swimming and water safety.


Swim:ED is making a splash!

We’re proud of the transformative effect Swim:ED has had on swimming proficiency and water safety in primary schools.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear it directly from the people that matter.

We loved having the swimming pool at Oasis Bank Leaze. As well as it being such an exciting experience that the children were so proud of, we saw so many other benefits, too. The children swam further than they had in previous years at the local leisure centre, school attendance improved for the period of the pool, and most importantly, the children saw themselves as swimmers and wanted to learn more. We can't wait for next year!

Amelia NelsonHead Teacher, Oasis Academy Marksbury Road

Swim:ED has revolutionised swimming lessons at Timberley Primary Academy, saving us logistical challenges and assisting Year 6 attendance. With improved swimming skills and heightened water safety awareness, the impact on our children is beyond measure.

Ian GriffithsDeputy Head, Timberley Primary Academy

''The progress made by the children and the confidence they had in the water was more than we could have hoped for. All of the children loved the sessions and the small group numbers meant that lessons were individualised. The sessions ran smoothly with no disruption to the rest of the school.

Chris HattamHeadteacher, Westbourne School

Swimming progress and attainment have improved at an incredible rate during the 6 weeks that the pop-up pool was on site. Our pupils have all developed their resilience and perseverance as well as their swimming skills for life.

Bonar CaswellPE Lead, Willows County Primary School

Six-steps to experience Swim:ED in your school:

Join the waitlist

Complete this short form by answering a few questions, and we’ll be in touch.

Site visit

We come to your school to identify the most suitable location for your pop-up pool.

Sign up

Now we work together on the final details to create your service level agreement for signing.

Set up

It’s time for the exciting part! We install the modular structure and pop-up pool at your school.


With everything in place, it’s time for your pupils to experience quality swimming and water safety lessons.


Swim:ED provides ongoing support with teacher resources, pupil assessments, and provision finished with an end-of-programme report.


How does your school swimming measure up?

With support from our friends at Swim England, we’ve developed the Primary School Swimming Review, designed to give you insights into your current swimming programme and help identify areas of improvement.

You’ll receive a FREE personalised report in four minutes or less showing how your school can improve swimming proficiency and water safety by answering a few simple questions.

Take the Scorecard

Swimming is a right not a privilege!

We’re on a mission to make every child feel confident in the water.

No barriers. No compromises. Just quality, safe and convenient swim education.

Dive in and explore our free resources.

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