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Join a revolutionary partnership that enhances your business and revolutionises swimming education in primary schools.


Swim:ED, isn’t just changing how children learn to swim; we’re transforming how organisations like yours can grow and excel in the educational sector. By integrating our comprehensive swimming programme into your service offerings, you’re positioning your business at the forefront of a vital educational movement.

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A tailored approach for every school

Swim:ED addresses schools’ specific challenges in providing essential swimming and water safety education. With stringent curriculum requirements and alarming statistics on children’s swimming proficiency and water safety, your organisation can provide the solution schools need. We equip you with everything required to deliver high-quality, impactful swimming lessons right on the school playground, turning their logistical burdens into business opportunities.

Empower and impact

Beyond business growth, partnering with Swim:ED enables you to make a significant social impact. You’ll give every child the best opportunity to leave primary school confident, competent, and safe in the water. It’s an opportunity to build a lasting legacy in the community, enhancing your brand’s value and deepening customer loyalty.

The Swim:ED advantage

Join us and take advantage of our proven framework, which includes:

  • Comprehensive support: Training and support to ensure you’re prepared to succeed.
  • Advanced resources: Access to detailed operational guidelines and our bespoke tracking and reporting system.
  • Best practice: Be part of an exclusive network of providers who share insights and innovations.



children engaged in Swim:ED


achieved water safety skills


we have doubled the number of children achieving 25m proficiency


delivery partners


leads generated


schools enagaged


combined revenue

*Data is taken from between September 2023 and April 2024.

You’re not just adding a service by becoming a Swim:ED delivery partner. You’re enhancing your strategic position, addressing a critical need, and setting your business apart in a competitive marketplace. Join us in redefining school swimming and building a brighter future for countless children.


Elevate your business

Our priority is to enhance children’s confidence, competence, and proficiency in the water. We also set our delivery partners up for unprecedented success and growth.

Differentiation in the market

Stand out with Swim:ED's innovative on-site swimming solution and make your business the first choice for schools.

Strategic market positioning

Align your brand with excellence and a commitment to quality education and enhance your organisation's credibility.

Robust lead generation

Tap into the demand for pop-up pool programmes with marketing assets that help you convert leads into opportunities.

Significant revenue growth

Benefit from curriculum delivery and additional opportunities to increase revenue annually by approximately six figures per pool.

Sustainable business progress

Expand from one pool to multiple within a year, driven by high demand and robust operational support from our team.

Comprehensive support

We don't just set you up and step back. You receive continuous support every step of the way


Boost your business with our comprehensive partnership features

Each feature of our partnership is designed to ensure you thrive as a Swim:ED provider, offering unmatched value and support.

Turnkey solution

Everything you need to start and succeed. Your package includes equipment, training, support, resources, templates, and more, ensuring you can focus on Swim:ED without concerns.

Expert training and support

Comprehensive training covering everything from operational setup and quality assurance to marketing and sales. Our support continues with regular updates and guidance to ensure you maximise success.

Marketing and sales assistance

Leverage our proven marketing strategies and materials to effectively promote Swim:ED in your region. From digital marketing to community engagement, we provide the tools you need to attract and retain schools.

Comprehensive curriculum

Access a curriculum crafted by experts, aligned with national standards and designed to boost swimming proficiency and water safety. It's adaptable to different skill levels, ensuring all children can progress.

Purpose built system

Use our sophisticated assessment and reporting platform to monitor children's progress, provide updates, demonstrate the value of Swim:ED to your schools, and manage your team and quality assure your operation.

Community of practice

Join an exclusive network of delivery partners who share insights, best practices, and innovations. Our community support system enhances learning and drives collective success.

Licensing rights

With designated territories, you can benefit from our established reputation and trust in the market under the Swim:ED brand.

White-labeled programme

Flexibility to brand Swim:ED under your business, allowing seamless integration into your existing services and enhancing your market presence.


Maximise your impact with Swim:ED

Partnering with Swim:ED is an intelligent investment in your business’s future, which expands as you grow with us.

  1. Revenue enhancement: A new and significant revenue stream that, on average, can see an annual increase of approximately six figures per pool, making a considerable impact on your bottom line.
  2. Scalable growth: The demand for on-site swimming programmes is soaring. With Swim:ED, scalability is built into the model. Many partners quickly expand to multiple pools, enhancing their revenue as they grow.
  3. Diverse income sources: Besides directly delivering Swim:ED, you can upsell and cross-sell additional services like PPA cover, after-school clubs, and holiday camps, further boosting your revenue streams.
  4. Market advantage: Swim:ED offers a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competitors, allowing you to capture and retain a larger market share.

How much should be budgeted to be a Swim:ED delivery partner?

Initial investment: You become a Swim:ED delivery partner in your exclusive territory with an investment of just £19,950.

Ongoing commitment: Once you start delivering, a monthly investment of just £295 per month covers continuous support.

No hidden costs: Enjoy a transparent partnership with no royalty fees, no contract renewal fees, and free training for your team.

White-labelled flexibility: This isn’t a franchise, so you can deliver Swim:ED under your brand, seamlessly integrating it into your existing offerings without compromising your brand identity.

Would you like to learn more?

Schedule a call to decide whether Swim:ED is right for you and your business.

Real stories, Real impact

We invested in Swim ED because it was such a unique opportunity for us. It has that wow factor; it's a USP for us, and it's something our competitors cannot offer. Swim:ED gives us a great advantage in the marketplace. We already have three pools after nine months, and we expect that to grow to more in 2025.

Will AtterburyFounder and Managing Director, ActiveMe 360

Delivering Swim:ED has proven to be a catalyst for discussing Kanga's other services with new schools. This has led to a constant flow of leads and provided a platform for schools to learn more about our programmes. It has also allowed us to establish a new relationship with Bradford's public health team, and we are now a preferred provider for numerous services across the region.

Andrew BodeFounder and Director, Kanga Sports

Swim:ED has allowed us to engage more children in physical activity whilst teaching them a vital, life-saving skill. Delivering Swim:ED under the leadership of Aspire has allowed our programme to rapidly develop in a safe, supported environment and in accordance with industry standards.

Tom BingleyFounder and Director, TB Sport

Swim:ED has opened doors to brand new partner schools in our territory and further strengthened our relationship with existing schools in which we already deliver PE, dance, and sports. Being recognised as a market-leading provider alongside the rest of the organisations delivering Swim:ED within the partner network has placed us at the forefront of the school swimming conversation locally, and we are excited about what the future holds with this provision and the opportunities it will present.

Dillan O’ConnorDream Big Sports

How do I become a delivery partner?

Discovery call

Schedule a call to discuss how Swim:ED aligns with your business goals.

See Swim:ED in action

Visit one of our active programmes to see the impact of Swim:ED at firsthand.

Swim:ED partner agreement

Sign up and join our network of change-makers in education.

Marketing and sales training

Receive comprehensive training to maximise your reach and impact.

Operations training

Learn how to run a successful Swim:ED operation.

Deliver Swim:ED

Start delivering programmes in schools across your region.

Ongoing support

Benefit from ongoing support and engage with our community to ensure you maximise your opportunity.


Your Swim:ED questions answered.

Embarking on a new partnership can raise many questions. We’ve compiled the most common questions about becoming a Swim:ED delivery partner to help you confidently move forward.

What do I need to start delivering Swim:ED in my area?

You must be passionate about making a difference in primary school education. You must have a growth mindset, time to embed the programme, and aligned values. We provide the rest, from comprehensive training to all the necessary equipment and ongoing support.

How is the training delivered for new partners?

All Swim:ED training is conducted both online and in person. It covers everything from lead generation, sales, programme setup and takedown, quality assurance, health and safety, risk management, recruitment guidance, customer care, and much more, ensuring you are fully prepared to deliver exceptional swimming lessons.

What support can I expect as a Swim:ED partner?

Beyond initial training, you’ll receive continuous support through marketing materials, operational guides, templates, resources, video guides, community events and direct access to our expert team. We’re here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Can I integrate Swim:ED with my existing business offerings?

Absolutely! Swim:ED is designed to complement and enhance your current services in the primary education sector. It’s a great way to expand your offering, increase your business’s visibility and boost profitability.

How long is a Swim:ED programme delivered in a school?

We train and advise Swim:ED partners on our proven delivery model, which has the most significant impact on children and enhances delivery partners’ productivity and efficiency.

How much revenue should I expect to generate with Swim:ED?

Swim:ED partners should see a significant increase in revenue. With high demand and efficient operations, each pool can add over £90,000 annually to your revenue.

Are there specific territories available for new partners?

Yes, territories are allocated to maximise impact and minimise overlap. Contact us to find out about available regions and how you can secure your exclusive area.

What makes Swim:ED different from other similar programmes?

Swim:ED is unique for delivery partners because it provides a complete solution for organisations that want to establish and deliver a successful swimming educational programme for schools in your local community. From over 80 items of equipment, key health and safety documents (including a detailed PSOP), resources, templates, how-to guides, training, continual support, and the Swim:ED portal that houses our assessment, reporting and quality assurance platform. We’ve even created positive relationships with key industry bodies to help shape the future of swimming and water safety education.

How much does it cost to become a Swim:ED delivery partner?

An initial investment of £19,950 plus VAT is required to become a Swim:ED partner. We can offer various options to support your investment thanks to our partnership with Swoop.

Are there any additional fees for Swim:ED partners?

Once you start delivering Swim:ED, a monthly investment of just £295 covers continuous support. The partnership has no royalty fees or contract renewal fees, and you benefit from free team training.

How long does launching a Swim:ED programme typically take once we sign up?

When you sign up, it typically takes about two to three months to launch your first Swim:ED programme, allowing for training, marketing and sales to schools, and equipment collection.

Can we visit an existing Swim:ED programme before making a decision?

Absolutely! We encourage potential delivery partners to visit an active Swim:ED site. This visit can be arranged to give you a firsthand look at how our programme operates and its impact.

What kind of training and support can we expect as a new Swim:ED partner?

Swim:ED partners receive extensive training covering everything from programme setup and delivery to marketing, sales, customer care and technical support. Ongoing support is provided through regular updates and events, a dedicated account manager, and access to our partner portal.

How do we measure the success and impact of the Swim:ED programme?

Success is measured through children’s progress reports, feedback from schools, and the achievement of key indicators such as student swimming proficiency and water safety skills.

What happens if we face challenges in implementing the programme in schools?

Our team provides continuous support through training, troubleshooting, how-to guides, resources, and on-site visits if necessary. We ensure we are always on hand for every partner to successfully implement and run the Swim:ED programme.

Is this a franchise?

Swim:ED is not a franchise. It is delivered under your brand through a white-labelled agreement, seamlessly integrating it into your existing offerings without compromising your brand identity. Your brand matters, and we want your organisation to impact your local community while improving and growing your business.

Are you ready to elevate your business and substantially impact your community?

Complete the form below or click here to schedule your call and learn more about joining the exclusive network of Swim:ED delivery partner.

If you’d prefer to call us, our team is here to provide all the information you need about becoming a Swim:ED delivery partner. Call us on 0121 663 1798 anytime between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.