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Dive into the unique attributes that set Swim:ED apart and experience a safe and impactful swim programme in your primary school

On-Site Pop-Up Pools

At the heart of Swim:ED is our innovative pop-up pool solution. Housed in a high-quality, secure temporary modular structure right on your playground, we offer a convenient, safe lesson space, eliminating the hassles of off-site trips.

Professional Instructors

The Swim:ED team consists of certified, experienced professionals dedicated to providing safe, effective, and enjoyable instruction, ensuring every child, regardless of background or ability, progresses confidently in the water.

Customised Curriculum

Each school is unique, and so is our approach. The Swim:ED swimming curriculum aligns with national curriculum standards and your school's specific needs, ensuring every child reaps the full benefits of swimming proficiency and water safety.

Comprehensive Reporting Platform

Track pupil progress and achievement with ease. Our digital platform offers intuitive reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor swimming competency, water safety and provide reports efficiently.

Safety Assurance

Ensuring every primary school's unique needs and safety come first, Swim:ED begins with a site visit. Our goal is to align our programme seamlessly with your school's requirements. Our comprehensive Pool Safety Operating Procedure (PSOP) prioritises children's safety, giving schools peace of mind.


Explore the core elements of Swim:ED

Discover what makes Swim:ED a comprehensive, inclusive, and safety-first swimming programme for primary schools.

Safety protocols

The safety of your children is paramount with Swim:ED. Beyond the qualifications of our instructors, we also adhere to vigorous safety measures. This includes our high-quality and secure temporary modular structure, detailed risk assessments, and comprehensive Pool Safety Operating Procedure (PSOP) documentation.

Curriculum overview

Delivered by our qualified team and aligned to the national curriculum expectations, the Swim:ED curriculum caters for children in Key Stage 1 and 2. From initial assessment to stroke technique, lessons focus on progression, supporting every child to swim 25 metres unaided, mastering multiple strokes, and performing safe self-rescue.

Delivery model

Swim:ED is designed to seamlessly integrate with your primary school’s daily routine. Classes take part every day over a minimum of a 3-week programme. Schools can opt for delivery models spanning 5, 6, or 7 weeks, and top-up lessons are available for children needing extra support. Click here for our six-week example delivery model.

Lesson structure

Each Swim:ED lesson is planned to fulfil national curriculum requirements. Engaging 30-45 minute sessions include warm-ups, targeted skill training, essential water safety activities, and fun games with cool-down activities. This is delivered in small, focused groups of 10 children to ensure personalised attention.

School engagement

We streamline your school’s swimming administrative process with the Swim:ED digital toolkit, which includes everything from essential health and safety documentation to parental engagement support, templates, resources, and more.

Extra-curricular clubs

Swim:ED clubs are available during lunchtime or after school to supplement the learning experience. Our team delivers sessions that allow a small group to learn, have fun and improve their swimming skills and water confidence. Parents or school budgets, such as your PE and Sport Premium or Pupil Premium funding can fund them.


The benefits of Swim:ED

For children

Our programme equips children to be confident, competent, and safe in the water. But it's not just about swimming. As a subsequent benefit, children can experience boosted confidence, enhanced physical health, and improved overall well-being.

For schools

Swimming isn’t just a subject; it is the only curriculum topic that has the power to save lives. With Swim:ED, you can integrate swimming education into your school curriculum while reducing logistical challenges and minimising lost learning time. Our programme ensures your children receive the best swimming education, enabling you to meet national curriculum requirements cost-effectively while enhancing your school's reputation.

For parents

The essence of water safety isn't lost on parents. With Swim:ED, they're assured that their children are gaining invaluable skills in prioritising safety in and around water. In addition to the clear benefits of swimming proficiency, Swim:ED assessments and end-of-programme reports give parents peace of mind that their children are developing crucial life-saving skills and confidence in the water.

Superior marquee structures

When it comes to our programme’s core – the pop-up pools – safety, integrity, and convenience are essential. We are proud of our superior temporary modular structures that house these pools. Here is why they stand out.

Experience and expertise

We’ve teamed up with industry leaders who manufacture and supply high-quality, temporary modular structures. As respected National Outdoor Events Association members, their pedigree speaks volumes about the quality they bring to the Swim:ED programme.

Robust and secure

Our modular structures can be constructed using a blend of hard-sided or PVC materials and feature lockable doors for added security. Instead of traditional one-tonne weights, they’re fixed directly to the playground surface. This process is more secure and leaves your school’s playground untouched and intact.

Quick installation

Time is of the essence. We understand school schedules, so our structures are designed for swift installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your school activities.

Unparalleled safety standards

Safety is non-negotiable. These structures comply with all essential regulations and health and safety standards. Specifically, they adhere to BS6399 for snow and wind loadings, giving schools added peace of mind regarding the resilience and safety of the structures.

Partnering organisations

Emergencies are unpredictable. That’s why our partnering organisation provides expert assistance whenever needed, highlighting our joint commitment to Swim:ED’s smooth operation and safety.


Excited about what you’ve discovered so far? Still have some questions?

Explore our FAQs for detailed insights on how Swim:ED can benefit your school and pupils.


Swim:ED pricing

Our pricing models are flexible based on the programme duration, the size and the material type of the temporary modular structure.

5 Week Programme

Starting from


Our foundational offering includes the core 3-week programme for 60-90 pupils, supplemented by 2 additional weeks for top-up, enrichment, or pre-teach sessions.

6 Week Programme

Starting from


This model enables 120-180 pupils who experience our intensive 3-week swimming curriculum to participate in two groups.

7 Week Programme

Starting from


This comprehensive package builds on the 6-week model and incorporates an additional week for pre-teach or top-up lessons.

Additional options

Temporary changing room
Interested in Swim:ED but struggling for a space for your pupils to change? Overcome this barrier with a temporary changing room structure, available from just £250.

Extra-curricular clubs
Expand your Swim:ED programme with a variety of clubs that can be financed either by parents or through school budgets, such as your PE and Sport Premium funding.

Swim:ED is making a splash!

Swim:ED has been a game-changer for our school swimming programme. They've provided our pupils the platform to blossom in the water. Can't recommend them enough!

S. ThompsonHeadteacher, Greenhill Primary School

We can't praise the Swim:ED team enough! The whole process was so positive. From the planning to the actual swimming, everything was so professionally done. As a result, the number of children that can swim 25m has more than doubled what it has ever been in my 13 years at the school.

Ian GriffithsDeputy Head, Timberley Primary Academy

The progress made by the children and the confidence they had in the water was more than we could have hoped for.

Chris HattamHeadteacher, Westbourne School

Swimming progress and attainment have improved at an incredible rate during the 6 weeks that the pop-up pool was on site. Our pupils have all developed their resilience and perseverance as well as their swimming skills for life.

Bonar CaswellPE Lead, Willows County Primary School

Offering swim lessons on-site was extremely successful at Brentry Primary School. It meant that the pupils involved spent more time having quality swim lessons rather than time travelling.

H JackBusiness Manager and PE Lead, Brentry Primary School