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Swim:ED is revolutionising how primary schools deliver swimming and water safety education.

Our innovative programme is customised to align with your school’s specific needs, with a core mission to improve pupils’ swimming proficiency and water safety skills.

Developed by education specialists

The Swim:ED concept was developed by education specialists with nearly two decades of experience delivering physical education, sport, and physical activity initiatives in primary schools across England. Leveraging our deep understanding of the educational landscape, we pioneered the innovative pop-up pool initiative to revolutionise swimming education in schools.

Unique pop-up pool solution

At the heart of the Swim:ED programme is our unique pop-up pool solution. Installed and managed directly on your school premises and housed in a secure industrial-style marquee structure, securely fixed to the school playground. This provides a safe, highly convenient platform for effective swimming instruction, eliminating the time-consuming logistics and costly transport to off-site facilities and significantly reducing disruptions to children’s learning time.

Delivering superior swimming education

Every aspect of Swim:ED, from our curriculum delivery to our assessment and reporting platform, is meticulously crafted to deliver superior swimming education. We create a safe, inclusive, and enriching environment where children thrive and learn.

Discover how Swim:ED can reshape your school’s swimming education and ensure more children are competent, confident, and safe in the water.

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Nationwide provision

Transforming your school’s swimming education

Choosing Swim:ED for your primary school swimming provision brings numerous benefits, all designed to empower your school and create an impactful swimming programme.

Enhanced learning time

Bringing the swimming pool to your school maximises your children’s learning time

Reduced logistical hassles

Say farewell to the headaches of organising and managing off-site swimming provision and transport.

Data-driven insights

Understand each child's swimming progress and achievement with comprehensive assessments aligned to national curriculum expectations.

Safety first

Our Pool Safety Operating Procedures ensure a safe and secure swimming environment, instilling confidence in schools.

Quality and inclusive education

Every child can learn this vital life skill, regardless of background or financial circumstances.


A complete solution that frequently offers better value than traditional off-site swimming lessons.



Explore our FAQ’s, where we address common queries and provide detailed insights to help you understand how Swim:ED can benefit your school and pupils.